Make everything perfect
In a parallel dimension,
Where everything is perfect,
No hate, no war, no injustice,
Prevail, only peace and happiness,
Mar-26-2020 05:29:19 PM
Keep healthy precautions
Hello all,
On the certain growing of the deadly virus "covid 19" let us kindly maintain precaution measure in remaining healthy.

Please life is more important than any other thing, no decision for the dead. We love you all and wish to serve you better but only while your alive.

Jetrobot team....Thank you for being part of our fast growing community, even without investments we care for you and need you alive.
Mar-18-2020 02:15:08 PM
Welcome message
We want to appreciate you for coming on-board with us.

A new hope is opened with us, don't miss this opportunity make a deposits today and start earning tomorrow.

Once again, thank you for joining us.

Mar-11-2020 02:59:44 AM

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